H.E. Downloads


R.F. Conflicts

Hartshorn Enterprises developed this Macintosh Excel template for working out wireless harmonic conflicts. Due to problems with Microsoft’s compilation of VBA on the PC, and incompatibilities with their Macintosh compilation - this will only work on the Macintosh. However, this is a very handy tool for organizing your wireless microphones, headsets, IFB, etc... and making sure they all work together without any trouble. Up to 200 frequencies can be checked at one time.

R.F. Conflicts is shareware and costs $40. Registering this software entitles you to technical support and free future upgrades.


Intermod Calculator

This is another excel spreadsheet that was written by Robert at Bizsolution4u.com with Lisa Woodward at http://pink-noise.com/. Though this tool is not as feature packed as Hartshorn Enterprise’s “R.F. Conflicts”, it is a great tool that is compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers. This is an inexpensive tool that is invaluable in the wireless world.

Download Intermod Calculator Here

Click here to Download a beta version of R.F. Conflicts 2

Currently in development:

RF Conflicts Version 2 is complete and available for purchase. A new preferences tab which increases your options as far as bandwidth checking and TV selection. Improvements in frequency finding and calculations have also been made.

Almost Ready: RF Conflicts V3. This is a total overhaul of RF conflicts, written in a totally different development environment and no longer dependent on Microsoft Excel. V3 will include a full database of wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, and intercom, as well as an updatable database of the entire FCC broadcast database. There will be no limit to how many frequencies can be checked at one time and cross-checking with local television channels will be automatic. V3 also paves the way for a totally cross-platform development environment allowing us to provide versions for Mac & PC. V3 will cost $50 and upgrades will be provided for current users.