Live Sound Engineering


Experienced, quality audio engineers. That is the foundation of what make’s Hartshorn Enterprises. All of our system designs, theatrical sound designs, wireless technology and synthesizer designs are centered around the years of education and experience in the professional audio field we have gained as audio engineers. Our engineers have years of experience in a wide range of production audio.

Hartshorn Enterprises will never send you a “newbie”. We will always provide you with an engineer with years of experience in the specific specialty that your show requires. If we do not have anyone available who is experienced in your field, we will let you know, and recommend you to another company who might be able to help you.


Experience isn’t just about the number of year’s you’ve worked or the number of shows you’ve worked on. It is also about WHAT shows you’ve worked. If an engineer has been on 50 different rock n’ roll tours, he or she isn’t automatically qualified to work on a corporate event. 10 years of live sound experience does not make an engineer ready to work in a broadcast situation.

Hartshorn Enterprises understands the importance of specialties and the details within each area of the industry. Our theatre engineers have years of theatre experience. Our Rock n’ Roll engineers have plenty of tour and festival experience. Our corporate engineers have been mixing in convention centers and hotels all over the world. Broadcast engineers have been in location trucks and studios for a significant part of their careers. Our audio engineers have the experience and professional skills to take care of your show, no matter what type of production you have.