Theatrical Sound Design is a very important, and often over looked aspect of the creative work space. It is unfortunate that many shows suffer as a result of poor advanced consideration for audio. Hartshorn Enterprises is known for providing excellent audio solutions, immersing the audience in an atmosphere that suspends belief and pulls the patrons into the show. If your show needs audio and sound effects that inspire emotion and individualism, then Hartshorn Enterprises is the group you need to provide a signature sound for your show.

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Experience is the foundation for strong audio engineers. Hartshorn Enterprises is the place to find experienced audio engineers for your Musical Theatre, Corporate, Concert, or Broadcast Productions. Our engineers have years of technical and musical exposure and can provide you with a mix that is clean and exciting. Being a good engineer is not about knowing how to use the equipment. A quality engineer knows that the equipment is simply an extension of his or her own thoughts, and can use that equipment to express the emotion and excitement of your event.

Wireless system design is the heart of Musical Theatre, Broadcast, and Corporate events. Many companies and organizations who claim to specialize in these type of events still do not have an understanding of the fundamental design requirements that must be taken into account when putting together a large wireless package.  Using wireless systems is not Voodoo. However, it does require a deep understanding of the physics and formulas that are involved in their use. Hartshorn Enterprises has been designing and managing wireless systems for many years and can provide solid wireless performance through-out your event.

Audio system design is a key component to any event or installation that requires an audience of any size to be able to hear something. Wether you have 100 people watching a video, a live arena concert, a touring theatrical production, or a key corporate message, Hartshorn Enterprises will provide you with a custom audio system design that is flexible and can be implemented productively for your needs. Because we do not carry inventory that we need to rent to you, you can feel confident that the system design will meet the needs of your production, and not the needs of an inventory control agent.

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A fact of musical theatre today is the important roll of synthesizer technology. Programing synthesizers today is not about picking out sounds on a keyboard, but includes an entire design of custom signature sounds, sound f/x. logical programing, system control, mixers, audio playback systems, separate rehearsal and performance systems, monitoring, back-up systems, training, and custom solutions for a variety of live musical requirements. This applies to production keyboards, drums, percussion, electronic wind and string instruments. Hartshorn Enterprises has the experience and knowledge to make your synthesizer requirements part of a musical masterpiece.

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