Theatrical Sound Design


Hartshorn Enterprises specializes in theatrical sound design.

Theatrical Sound Design provides an opportunity to do something in a show that other departments attempt but can never fully realize. A quality theatrical sound design can make the audience member feel like they are actually in the show environment. By designing a system that can reproduce the audio environments depicted in the show, the audience members can be emerged within the show, extending the possibilities of belief and allowing the audience member to feel as if they are actually in the scene themselves, watching the action that is happening next to them. Sound design is much more than simply playing back sound f/x through an audio system and reinforcing actors in a musical environment. Sound design is an opportunity to include the audience into the show itself, and create an atmosphere that is exciting and convincing the viewer.

Hartshorn Enterprises believes that sound design should promote emotion within a play or a theatrical musical. We design our systems for maximum flexibility so that the audience member can feel removed from the cold theatre environment, and instead pulled into the show itself. Atmospheres are created within the show to subtly support scenes without being a distraction. Sound design has the potential to tap into the unconscious, and we feel our designs harness that ability. Let your productions involve the audience. Allow Hartshorn Enterprises to take care of the Sound Design needs for your production.