synthesizer Programing


Mark Hartshorn has been programing synthesizers for musical theatre for many years, and can provide your show with the musical repertoire and technical expertise it deserves. Theatrical Musicals are very complicated and require a wide range of abilities from a synthesizer rig. Many musicals today utilize keyboard synthesizers, electronic drums, electronic percussion, instant access playback systems, timecode synchronization, system control, programable mixers, and sound f/x playback - in combination with a thorough musical understanding of the applications at hand. Often, there are separate system requirements for the rehearsal process and the performance experience, and so it is important to have an understanding of the full production experience.

Most of all, synthesizer programers are staffed within the music department. Understandably, it is very difficult to find someone with the technical expertise of all of the synthesizer system requirements, and still have the musical experience to be able to create the perfect signature sounds within your show. The synthesizer programmer must be able to take scores from the orchestrator or composer, and be able to create a sonic pallet that brings life into a show, while transferring from the rehearsal process to the production performance environment. The synthesizer programmer must specialize in relating between the needs of the musical direction staff and the audio personnel who will need to interface the synthesizer systems within the audio context of the show. Also, there is often a number of sound f/x that must be played from the synthesizer system in a musical context, and the programmer is the key person to make sure that those sound f/x can be accessed and routed effectively within the system design.

Hartshorn Enterprises has the musical and technical expertise to completely provide a system specification and support your show from the rehearsal process through opening. Typically, we will be involved with system specification while other departments are designing your show, and start programming 2-3 weeks before orchestra rehearsal. At that point, we are contracted at a weekly rate that begins when programming begins and continues through opening night. Some shows that Mark Hartshorn has programmed for include:

  1. Dancing in the Dark (Original Production)

  2. The Wiz - 2006 (Original Production)

  3. Himself and Nora (Original Production)

  4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Re-programming for Original Production)

  5. Imaginary Friends (Original Production)

  6. Lucky Duck (Original Production)

  7. Floyd Collins (Original Production)

  8. The Full Monty (Original Production)