Audio System Design

Custom Design is a fundamental keystone of what makes Hartshorn Enterprises different. We are not tied to rental inventory or dealership agreements which could compromise you system design results. We custom choose equipment to directly meet the needs of your organization. Sometimes, equipment may not be available to to meet a specific requirement, at which point Hartshorn Enterprises will custom design the appropriate products for your needs and have them built just for you. Whether your system requires designed speaker systems, custom control panels and patching systems, or simply a dedicated combination of equipment your organization may already have available - Hartshorn Enterprises promises Custom Audio Solutions which will meet your needs perfectly.


Audio system design is a vital part of any type of installation, permanent or temporary. In general, any time you need somebody to hear something, you need a quality audio system design to deliver your product. Hartshorn Enterprises can deliver that quality custom design.

Hartshorn Enterprises will work on a specialized design for your audio system. We can provide you with quality design for:

  1. Bullet  Permanent Installation

  2. Bullet  Concert Tours

  3. Bullet  Theatre Installations

  4. Bullet  Theatrical Tours

  5. Bullet  Civic & Worship

  6. Bullet  Corporate